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Meet the Team

King Boo

I’m King Boo, Ghost King. When I’m not lurking in a graveyard somewhere, I’m in my lab coding software for Ghostface utility. I’m driven, sometimes, to complete madness over pure knowledge, and other times I’m fascinated by the creative and, although meaningless, the beautiful incarnations of this world.


Wgmi is the original founder, project lead, and developer of Ghostface. His prowess in so many areas gives way to his natural leadership abilities, as he’s able to empathize for each person’s role and understand exactly what they need to work their best. Although good as a centerpiece and a bit of a magnet, he knows he’d be nothing without his community and comfortably leans into the helping hands of those around him.


With a past in social media, I use my experience to guide the marketing behind the project. My hands are in everything from marketing, social media branding, and community detail. All in all, my focus is on expanding the community and managing that which we have already built together.


From Singapore, I’m the head of all Ghostface Community Management. I keep track of the small details (somebody has to). Moreover, for whatever they may be, I manage all community and team concerns. Thus, I make sure the team and community are communicating well and that everyone's voices are heard and taken care of!


With a background covering 10 years in graphic design and marketing, I deliver on brand messaging and assets used in the Ghostface ecosystem. What this means is that my skills are used for sculpting the Ghostface brand identity, i.e., defining the visual representation of Ghostface.


Hello, hello! I’m Ser. Otr, and I have a pretty wide experience working in various Solana based projects. For Ghostface, my focus is primarily on community and brand advisory, copywriting, and integrating lore into the Ghostface ecosystem.


My name is Xóots! I am a community specialist with professional experience working closely with communities, marketing and policy in the public and private sector. Because of this, I’m passionate about growing communities and discovering solutions in the NFT and crypto space. Once I unplug from the crypto world, I capture the intricacies of life as a photographer and filmmaker.


Hey there, I am Qudo! I have a lot of fun building and designing things such as apps and websites in the web3 space (no I don’t build robots… yet). I spend my time building out my own project, Matr, teaching people to code, and guiding the technical planning for Ghostface. Feel free to reach out with any questions, always happy to help!